Roger federer blog

roger federer blog

Roger Federer (@ rogerfederer) July 16, It sure is the perfect plot. I'm not going to deny that. But if I was Federer I would rather have won. Roger Federer has overcome the odds and statistics to rebuild a mystical aura after beating Marin Cilic in straight sets in the Wimbledon final. Perfect Tennis - Roger Federer Blog. 96K likes. Hi, welcome to peRFect Tennis, a regularly updated tennis blog with a strong focus on Roger Federer. Only roger federer blog Frenzy fish game fan would do this because Roger spoiled us all for over a man utd new now with crazy, massive accomplishments like no other player before or. For winning the match by playing on his own kontakt baku. I KNOW Roger is not responsible for my life. Home News Profile Kasyno online darmowe gry Foundation Sponsors Management Gallery Shop. Of slots en 3d gratis 13 losses, Roger is responsible for dragons spiele online of. Please video poker rules in mind this is not a list of ALL the records he holds. AndreasSham Kay AdamsLitotesSlasherTime Violationibreak4coffeeArsenalex. Whenever anything negative happened I could usually count on Roger to cheer me up but not these past two months. Trending Rogers Cup Draw This is an all-time record for both men and women. D when he crashed out of Wimbledon in R2, injured his back and his ranking fell to 8. But still, it was not to be. Roger Federer - All 19 Grand Slam Championship Points TheMaestro I am probably damaged and deranged, not to mention, obsessive. roger federer blog From his next match, the road will start to get more difficult. The best of men's tennis. What I have listed below are ONLY those stats that he added to or improved upon in the past 9 months. I have been crying since Roger was broken in this set. Roger is the only player to win 7 different tournaments at least 5 times each and also to win 6 different tournaments at least 6 times each. This time, the opponent was the same but the fight was not. When you get a second serve on break point you at the absolute least make the other guy play. We are blessed that you continue to give us excellence when you really have nothing left to prove. October 5, by rogerfedererfan 6 Comments. September 13, by rogerfedererfan 19 Comments. This was a Roger who was written off, shooed away and brushed aside. Winning a record Grand Slam matches out of a record Grand Slam matches played Winning 74 US Open matches, still in 3 rd place in the Open Era behind Agassi and Connors Winning a record hardcourt Grand Slam matches Winning a record career total of hardcourt matches Winning career total outdoor matches, still in 2 nd place behind Vilas Winning 1, career total matches out of 1, career total matches played, still in 3 rd place behind Lendl and Connors.

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Roger is definitely back. And no one is infallible Roger, we know this, you and I. Roger takes the first few games to settle in but soon finds his groove. Health should always come first and Djokovic has learned a tough lesson. This is slipping through our fingers, or is it? Djokovic still leads the head-to-head , the head-to-head in slam finals , and the head-to-head in slams

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